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Bokan ~Kaa-san no Naka wa Dare no Mono?~


Free Download Bokan ~Kaa-san no Naka wa Dare no Mono?~

Kunz 13 Mei 2020

Protagonist Haruto, the life only of two people was spent with mother-in-law Ruriko. Haruto, who holds love feeling for Ruriko. A certain day, Haruto that witnesses the appearance of Ruriko masturbated while thinking of the dying husband, it is not possible to finish enduring and it masturbates then and there. Haruto seems to be found and runs away from the place panicking, Ruriko have presumed circumstances by the scent of semen that remained in the place.

It knows the thing considered as opposite sex by the son-in-law, worried Ruriko. Ruriko’s Father-in-law, who was waiting for a opportunity to hold her for a long time, comes to visit. Father-in-law who skillfully heard the trouble of Ruriko makes a proposal to her. The content was that Ruriko would make another man to make Haruto give up. Ruriko that is puzzled is thrown down to the sofa, Father-in-law that forcibly connects sexual relation. Ruriko though it desperately resisted, being made climaxing many times by experienced technique of Father-in-law, it is ejaculated inside at the end. After leaving Ruriko sheds tears in sorrow betrayed by a father-in-law who she believed and sense of guilt to the husband. However to the inside of the body covered to semen, the pleasure as a woman who had forgotten long became a hot aching and it kept remaining forever…


Some of the images contain NSFW, please click the image to open the motion blur

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