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Chu Shite Agechau ~Oshikake Onee-san no Seikou Chiryou~


Free Download Chu Shite Agechau ~Oshikake Onee-san no Seikou Chiryou~

Kunz 14 Mei 2020

Akira Segawa commutes to a very usual educational institution, It is a very usual boy. Besides mother in such me, Do you say it is acquainted from a long time ago? There are two women of the older knows properly. One is Hinomiya Yuu a gentle elder sister. It work as a teacher, it give anything kindly, it is a woman of feeling of my onee-chan at all. One another Takamori Sana In childhood friends, From me one in the older, It is a girl who played together properly in childhood. Lose father before reaching the age of discretion and there are no brothers in me, with a older sister who took care like a real younger brother, Thanks to Sana who was the play partner, there was no thing felt lonely though it was young.

However, Is it because it was always enclosed by two, I who doesnt have association of male comrade not much. Is it because of the that sort of environment, what is it that my body unlike other boys, it was not possible to notice easily. It became clear by the physical measurement of the school, strange place of my body, the penis, the one that hair grows… Possibly…I, Masturbation? The masturbation want to do because there is not a thing!? (Differ)

Consulting a gentle elder sister and having been brought, the hospital where there is a fascinating woman doctor in beautiful women. Tachibana Kimika introducing oneself that solving Woman doctor as a result of examining, a too shocking content. [Eee! I the state as it is♂ (Penis), Disappearing possibly, Because!?] Though my heart seemed to already burst in the shocking fact, that treatment method exceeds it further, an unprecedented content. [Continue doing H with a woman, Because!?] Moreover mother who hears it, [The contraception should work properly] how an adrift thing is said. No, I think that it is not such a problem unwillingly…

The too too stimulating days when it changed completely from past ordinary every day began in this way…


Some of the images contain NSFW, please click the image to open the motion blur

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