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Harami Oni


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Kunz 18 Mei 2020

Yamamura deep in the mountain, Akitsu village… the event happened.

The footstep is made noisily, a large number of people of the village that enters main shrine. He is a chief priest of this Shinto shrine, it meets the village chief in this Akitsu village. Temporarily, when the talk is heard, this morning, to the trap for the wild boar “The certain one” is, the talk about the measures about it. Though it is troublesome, without defying a village chief who is variously looking after, it goes reluctantly toward scene.

[The corner in the head… Demon, isn’t it?] [It is so. Anyway, because the demon is made the state as it is, it is regrettable. Somehow, you must do.]

Though management of the demon who captures is ordered.

[You… Do you know conception demon’s ceremony?] [Conception… Demon?]

It seems to be the secret art that the grandfather who was the chief priest of a shrine was researching apparently. It is said that various favors are obtained if it succeeds. To make the ceremony succeed, on the next day it begins to research the documents that grandfather left. Can the ceremony be completed?


Some of the images contain NSFW, please click the image to open the motion blur

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