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Kinshin Bokan ~Kyou mo Mata, Okaa-san ga Boku o Motomete Kuru~


Free Download Kinshin Bokan ~Kyou mo Mata, Okaa-san ga Boku o Motomete Kuru~

Kunz 15 Mei 2020

If it is not possible to go to sleep easily though lying on a bed, small sound was set up and the door in the room opened. (…Takayuki-chan, is it awake?) The body is slightly shaken in the futon because of mother’s voice. After all it came today. (Nee, Takayuki -chan. Have it slept?) […It wakes up] (I’m so glad. I’m sorry, that person quite doesn’t want to sleep) Myself’s voice is heard, mother approaches while doing happily. When it lie down on the side and become silent while that appearance is watched, mother entered the bed natural. (However that has slowed for a moment, start then)

When waking up, there was no appearance of mother in the room. The futon is firmly hung to the body above, pajamas are worn properly. As usual, mother might have been mended that had fallen into disorder. [Haa…] Again, it had the dream of a long time ago. The dream of the day when met present father for the first time. Those days still, i thought that i could live a normal life with a new family. When mother can become happy too. But it was wrong. Mother loved new father and was not. Is it that much, the love to dead father was turned to me in crooked form. It dotes on myself who grows up, the sexual intercourse until is doing parent and child… Mother certainly that doesn’t look sad like before, our today relation was wrong. These kind of things, must not continue forever. In it, even mother is sure someday to notice. It believes so, nothing but endured now.


Some of the images contain NSFW, please click the image to open the motion blur

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