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Kyonyuubo ~Okaa-san wa Dare ni mo Watasanai~


Free Download Kyonyuubo ~Okaa-san wa Dare ni mo Watasanai~

Kunz 15 Mei 2020

The myself who is the failed student, Every day only of the round trip between the house and the prepschool was spent. [Yuuto] When you hear a damp that opinion, The heat at the midsummer was able to be forgotten only the moment. The heat of air is forgotten, I feel my body become hot. Harumi it is pleased and embarrassed that i who is a son say, but is a beautiful woman of a refined feeling calmly. Besides that face seen only in middle in ones twenties, Being attracted eyes in above all, that breast. The breast that projected remarkably is E cup. It took pride in richness as it was not finished to install on the palm of the hand. [Yuuto Prepschool, Try the best and right?] [It understands] The myself, It answers snappishly. Particularly nothing, it is not angry. It is because mother doesn realize throbbing and the burning of the chest.

When you approach at adolescence, The myself noticed distinctiveness in which i was. While other boys show interest to girls… Myselfs concern was being turned earnestly only by mother. Whenever you see a body mature of mother, The flame of love blazed up in myselfs heart. And several years ago, Living only of two people with mother who started from parental separation. Between that time when it is pleased and remembered if only… However, it rang the death knell by the mothers remarriage. Might the remarriage of which it thought for the myself future. But my heart was in confusion for rough weather. The body doesn enter the study either at all, The examination either fails. Failed student life that presses only endurance. The method that dispels that resentment, There is only one. The thing that violates mother in the delusion. Mother is peeled off naked, A rich breast is jumped into the fray. Massage the breast that is the symbol of the good harvest and while holding, it finishes and the penis that stands is driven. 100 times and repeated delusions. Still the desire of wanting to massage mothers breast and to hold doesn become weak at all. On the way in face the station, It erected by myselfs person painful.


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