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Maid Chou Kyouiku ~Fukujuu Oyako, Kotou no Yakata de no Ingyaku Choukyou~


Free Download Maid Chou Kyouiku ~Fukujuu Oyako, Kotou no Yakata de no Ingyaku Choukyou~

Kunz 15 Mei 2020

It develops with postwar economic growth, it has the huge influence to politics economy and the underground community. [Tsuchinari financial clique] To the blood relation of that Tsuchinari, there was a ceremony of the curse that had been incessantly succeeded. “The person who becomes an actual head of a family gives the education to seven opposite sex, they are made to degenerate” About person Act of be defiled that cannot be thought, however it does so and Tsuchinari has built a position today.

A certain day, Keitaro who is the Tsuchinari financial clique actual head of a family dies suddenly. At the same time, it is mother of the protagonist, Maiko is the daughter of Keitaro also marked the end to the short life by overwork. Maiko who threw away Tsuchinari young. The protagonist Tsuchinari Keisuke, it was brought up without one’s situation being told by motherl. By mysterious butler Karasutani serving the Tsuchinari financial combine in Keisuke which became the body of the having no relatives with birth of mother, Keisuke is an actual head of a family candidate of the Tsuchinari financial clique, to become an actual head of a family, the thing that should clear the imposed trial is told. It is brought to the European-style building in the isolated island without the name either, the thing that becomes an actual head of a family is determined, Keisuke to which trial will be accepted. To become the Tsuchinari financial combine present head of a household, the feast covered with new disgrace and desire began. It dies if it does a mistake, such a frightening curse.

Elegant housemaids brought by Karasutani. Pleasure at times, pain at times, Keisuke made housemaids degenerate by making good use of the word and the body skill.


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