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Mama no Tomodachi wa Mitsu no Aji


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Kunz 15 Mei 2020

[For a little while from today, it gets home late because of coverage. The meal is not needed in evening. To Miyamori-san of the neighbor, a while, please tell the thing that it not come forth to the tea party.]

[There is no other way… That is right, i must tell Suzuno…] (But, when the number of people decreases, even if the tea party is done it is boring… that is right. Kaoru-kun doesn’t come to the tea party?) [No, However…] (You do not need to decline. Boring don’t you agree in looking after the house alone.) There is no mama with a lonely thing, because the handmade cake is prepared, myself will visit the room of the neighbor.

(The ride comes to an indecent story if usual. Possibly, it feels shy because there is a Kaoru-kun?) Married women who live in the apartment house, have exchanged the conversation that was dangerous by afternoon tea, it knew for the first time. (Even Kaoru-kun, such a story, don’t you agree not unpleasant?) Suzuno-san brings up a subject to myself. [E,a… no, that…] (Even Kaoru-kun because pubescence, don’t you agree in such a thing interest.) The Suzuno-san who expresses the smile like tease, unconcernedly body will be brought to me. (Indecent thing, done thing is not don’t you agree…?) Myself who has stiffened like tied down. Close to the ear, it was tickled by married woman’s suspicious question.


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