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Niku Mesu R30 ~Nikuyoku ni Ochita Mesu-tachi~


Free Download Niku Mesu R30 ~Nikuyoku ni Ochita Mesu-tachi~

Kunz 16 Mei 2020

Protagonist Naoki Teshirogi who is born to rich clan and was brought up without any inconvenience. However when it is a university student, parents divorce suddenly. The cause is clan’s power struggle. It lose mother in such a worthless fight and the family collapses. Result Naoki who came to stay indoors.

Withdrawal more than 10 years since then, one day when i was going to reach 30 years old, the housemaid of the alone came to original of Naoki in father’s instruction. And, management of large companies following in the footsteps of his father if Tsuranuke a virgin until the age of 30, no, it is possible to become an actual head of a family who leads the clan saying. Therefore when a maid can teach technique to protect virginity. If it becomes a man of power, Naoki who thought that it can call back mother and return in those days happy, the indecent technique called train by the housemaid will be accepted.

Until reach 30 years old at last another several days. Mother-in-law Yuriko who doesn’t want to hand over actual head of a family’s seat to Naoki of the withdrawal, Sister-in-law Suzuka which love Naoki and does not want to lose virginity to the other woman. The huge breasts women named Miki Haruhi secretary of the vice president faction that aims at the following actual head of a family. Naoki’s virgin is begun the aim and scramble is begun. However Naoki. an indecent temptation is rejected thanks to training and it assumes the position of the actual head of a family safely, my turn this time it goes in the female huge breastses who aimed at the virgin.

Naoki who has absolute authority now. Do you visit really that happy every day that is his dream? To the extremity of pleasure, can that dream be gripped…


Some of the images contain NSFW, please click the image to open the motion blur

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