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Shinen no Reconquista


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Kunz 22 Mei 2020

1000 years ago. All races who live in this continent are ruled, There was Devil King who had bundled off them to the pool of despair. Devil King who gets off Hell suddenly, A lot of troops were led and the rule of the continent was started. The civilization city that human built up, The forest of the jade that Elves kept defending, The grand mountain range that dwarves govern, Those all are changed into the burnt ground by the great strength, It wrapped it among the darkness of the abyss.

However, That rule did not continue long. Three races of the human Elf dwarf whom it has seen up to now mutually by being each other scramble for its hand, Allied forces were formed. In addition, It succeeds in the connection of the hero of the human family of the confederation with race Dragon of the legend, Devil Kings rule was overturned according to powerful wisdom and the power of three races unity power and Dragon. Thus Devil King defeated before allied forces because of three races gets the old castle that is called Doom in a continental central portion sealed, Three races of the human Elf dwarf praise a peaceful age that extends to long.

After that, after time of 1000 flows. “Mari” The magician who has a wicked heart of the name called unties Devil Kings seal. Three race union where fighting has been forgotten by peaceful that extends to long, It comes for the sword to be forced to be taken again. Thus, Territory re-war of conquest because of Devil King(Reconquista) was opened doing.


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