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Tokoya no Oba-chan


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Kunz 23 Mei 2020

It is summer vacation of the school last. It was time when I talked with Grandpa Yankee as always. [Ippei, oneself formed on how many] [though I obtained it, and it was to 18 years old last month] [Did it become 18 another? Ho, “Service of the adult” of barber Misaki is accepted and the age weir.] [Service of adult?] [Aspect. It serves if it says to barber Misaki and it is said, “Please do a man ahead” of the accept special.] [Special…… Service?]

Small fishing village that tomorrow either and seems to become it. The village there where I was born and grow up. On top of the hill on the port and the other side, Barber of can arrival of deserted house and movie theater and me who collapses (Barber Misaki). The aunt-chan of the barber with familiar face for a long time since I was a boy, Probably the same age as my mammy. The approximately that has been truly thought to be a mammy. The that sort of auntie, The adult serves here……? Do really? True what ?? Yankee grandfather…… An easy aunt-chan to the mammy is similar to……?

However, I cannot restrain its feelings any longer. [Aunt-chan, a man me doing] It has said at last. Sound of the magic that goes up the stairs of adult.


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