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Tsuma no Haha to no Haitoku Inkan


Free Download Tsuma no Haha to no Haitoku Inkan

Kunz 18 Mei 2020

Protagonist Kenji and the wife Yuuki, It met by joint party and it began to associate. Yuuki when associating is a body conceived up Marriage. Kenji enters now the Honjou house, It lives with the mother and father in law.

One day Yuuki and the mother-in-law Chiyako, It goes out to obstetrics gynecology for routine health checkups. Tadashi of the father-in-law is absent, too, and Kenji is alone in a house. Therefore it was Kenji who masturbated When the cats away, the mice will play. When postprocessing it satisfying it, The sound that the door in the back opens…… When turning around Chiyako was the expression to be surprised and it stood at the entrance of the room. Kenji confused when there is mother-in-law why. If the usual No time coming back not yet from the hospital……. [I am sorry It obstructs it…] An unexpected place has been seen, Kenji regretted solving. If it is a bride however settled with funny story, The mother-in-law -san…

That night when Kenji who wakes up comes forth the room to the micturition desire, A strange voice leaks from the bedroom where Chiyako is asleep and I hear it. It comes to be worried painful the hearing that opinion, When the door in the room is opened and it peeps at an inside appearance, Masturbated Chiyako there… It puts it away as a blank surprise Kenji who keeps seeing unintentionally. In the place that Chiyako says a cum so soon, It hangs out at instinctively and the footstep is sounded. It apologizes to doing excitement Chiyako, Kenji who tries to go out straight of room with readiness. Then,…… [That… Muzzle is not reason… There of Kenji-kun… The calming down way I wonder…] And to the way that conceals the expression while looking down Chiyako that sends the glance between groins…


Some of the images contain NSFW, please click the image to open the motion blur

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